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Pelvic Pain Should Be Taken Seriously

I’ve written a lot about the pelvic pain disorder I was diagnosed with in 2013, so writing about pelvic and sexual health has become a passion of mine. After reading an article about the lack of knowledge most mothers have around what childbirth does to their bodies, and how frequently their concerns are ignored by their physicians, I wrote:

We (as a society) do a terrible job of listening to women* about the problems they have with their pelvic floors and reproductive organs. We do a terrible job at listening to women* when they talk about the psychological problems that can arise specifically because of issues related to their pelvic floors and reproductive organs. And we do a terrible job at encouraging women* to be proactive in speaking up about these issues without embarrassment or shame.

*And those with female anatomy who don’t identify as women.

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On Gene Wilder and Our Ownership of His Afterlife

After Gene Wilder died, one of the most common sentiments I saw expressed online was that at least he was reunited with Gilda Radner—never mind that he had been married to someone else for nearly two decades at the time of his passing. I wrote about our collective lack of empathy for Wilder’s widow:

Imagine for a second that your beloved partner previously had a beloved partner whom he lost to a vicious disease. Imagine that you have spent your entire relationship hearing about your beloved partner’s beloved late partner. Imagine your beloved partner dies, after more than two decades of complete commitment to you, and LITERALLY ALL ANYONE CAN TALK ABOUT is how nice it is for him to be reunited in the afterlife with his late beloved partner.

The full essay is available on Medium.